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NEGIN MIRSALEHI - fashion blog 23-03-22 · @Admin

Mirsalehi is the fashion blog of a young Iranian woman living in Germany. She started the blog in order to share her personal style and fashion trends with other Iranian women who are looking for an outlet to express themselves. She has also started a community where Iranian women can share their experiences as well as get together for events and social gatherings.

Negin Mirsalegi - minimalist fashion style

Minimalism is a style of art, design, fashion, and architecture that seeks to create a minimal aesthetic in one's environment. Minimalism attempts to remove nonessential features of an object to focus on the essential qualities of the object. Minimalist objects are usually clean and uncluttered with simple forms that focus on function over form. Minimalism can be used as a tool for personal expression through the composition of one’s own environment.

Minimalism can also be used as a tool for individual expression through the composition of one's own environment. The goal of minimalist design is to simplify the user experience and create an environment that is both visually appealing and functional. Minimalist design can be used in many different fields including architecture, interior design, fashion, product packaging and furniture. There are many different types of minimalism including Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese minimalism.

Negin Mirsalegi - a fashion blog for you

Negin Mirsalegi is a fashion blog for you, featuring daily inspiration and lifestyle articles on all things fashion, beauty, and style. A mixture of travel guides and photography, Negin Mirsalegi is dedicated to showcasing the latest trends in the industry while also sharing inspiring stories that will inspire you to live your best life.

With articles ranging from how to look more glamorous at work to how to make your outfit go the distance, Negin Mirsalegi is the perfect place for anyone who loves fashion and wants to learn more.