Zara’s Fast Fashion

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Fast Fashion: Zara’s specialty, bringing new catwalk items into the stores.

Fast Fashion @Zara

What is it?
Fast fashion is a term to describe the process where designs from the catwalk (presented during the Fashion Week) are quickly implemented in the regular fashion process to offer current fashion trends in day-to-day stores. Stores such as Zara implement this type of fashion production, where Zara applies an additional strategy: by closely monitoring the sales and preferences of consumers, she brings only those products to the market that she believes consumers want to buy.

Where spotted?
Zara, H&M

How does it work?
At most fashion retailers, the supply chain begins with the purchasers and/or designers who plan the fashion collections up to a year in advance. At Inditex, Zara’s mothercompany, shop managers closely monitor the sales and preferences of consumers. They then place orders with the designers, based on this information. The logistics system has been designed in such a way that all orders are delivered to the stores within two weeks. Inditex therefore has higher logistical and production costs but, because only products with high demand are manufactured, bargain pricing isn’t necessary. The majority of items can be sold at full retail price and there are hardly any unsalable products left in the stores. Revenue can therefore continue to rise.

What is its core value?
Only bringing those products on the market that generate a high turnover.

Watch a video about Zara’s Fast Fashion process here:


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