Zalando went digital in a physical store

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Zalando presented Zalando’s Fashion House where customers could, among other things, try out clothes and then order them online.

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What is it?
Zalando opened a temporary store: Zalando’s Fashion House. The store existed only during the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam from January 17th 2015 till January 26th  2015. In the Zalando Fashion House it was possible to chitchat with friends in their café, to follow fashion shows through live stream and of course to shop!

Where spotted?
In the Haarlemmerdijk, Amsterdam.

How does it work?

Every day Zalando presented a different brand in the store. Brands that are, of course, available on the Zalando website. Customers could try the clothing and order it immediately online if they wanted to. Besides this online shopping in a physical store, customers could do some other things related to the FashionWeek.

What is its core value?
According Zalando itself the goal was to create an inspiring place for every one who loves fashion.

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