Whispering Windows

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‘Who was that, talking to me while I passed that store?’ Believe it or not, it was the window. Van Haren is going to be the first brand in the Netherlands to experiment with whispering windows. Van Haren is going to test these windows in flagship stores located in Amsterdam and Breda.

Source: www.telegraaf.nl Photo made by Peter Schoonen

What is it?
A whispering window is a window that can ‘play’ advertisements or music that are audible in- and outside the store. It’s a normal window, without any visual effects, but it can send audio messages. The whispering window is a concept of iRetailsolutions.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
To let the windows whisper, sonar-technic is used. Vibration pads are placed on the inside of the window and send out micro vibrations. The glass of the window than actually works as an amplifier. At day the window produces a maximum of 50 decibel. At night Van Haren will bring the sound back to only 42 decibel. This is the same level of decibel as when someone whispers.

What is its core value?
Like Richard Kuijpers, the director of iRetailsolutions, says; whispering windows create a stop-and-wonder-effect. Van Haren’s window will get an estimated 40% more attention than usual.

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Watch this video to get an impression of how a whispering window works (FeonicTechnology):

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