Virtual Salespersons

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In a store you need staff. Gathering information from a salesperson is one of the benefits of physical stores. But in Australia they came up with virtual salesmen. Would this work?



What is it?
It’s best compared with a projector that projects a semi 3D-salesperson on an acrylic cut-out. This ‘person’ can provide information about, for example, products . It can even ‘hold’ stuff like flyers or tablets.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
Using the latest projection holographic technology, someone is filmed while delivering a presentation. The footage is then rear projected onto an acrylic cut-out that precisely matches the body shape of that person to give the impression of a semi-3D image. So it isn’t really a 3D hologram, but it looks like it.

What is its core value?
Replace an actual salesperson for a virtual one that never gets tired or complains. And the virtual person draws attention.

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Watch this video to get an impression of how a virtual salesperson looks like:

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