Use the Tweet Mirror while shopping

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Imagine you’re going to marry and you’re looking for the perfect wedding dress. A hard task, but maybe the Twitter Mirror offers help.

Source: Youtube 'Honeymoon Shop Bruidsmode'

Source: Youtube ‘Honeymoon Shop Bruidsmode’

What is it?
At a bridal shop in Rotterdam, they have an in-store Twitter Mirror. This smart mirror can take pictures that shoppers can email, tweet or post to whomever you want. With this new technology, it is perhaps a little less difficult for the brides to choose the dress of their dreams.

Where spotted?
Youtube: Honeymoon Shop Bruidsmode Tweet Mirror

How does it work?
One can use the Tweet Mirror by simply standing in front of it. You can use the vital buttons on the screen to take and save pictures. This allows customers to see all of the dresses that they tried on and compare them with each other, without having to try them on again. Shoppers can email the photos to themselves or share them with others.

What is its core value?
Helping the customer to make a carefully considered choice about her wedding dress.

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Watch this video to get an impression of how the Tweet Mirror works:’

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