Toys”R”Us: in-store delivery within an hour

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Toys”R”Us has linked its on- and offline inventory system that enables them to quickly serve customers.


What is it?
With stores in 35 countries and jurisdictions, Toys”R”Us is a toy and juvenile products retailer. They offer customers the option to order online and pick-up in store, even an hour after customers have placed an online order. In other words: the physical stores are also the online store warehouse.

Where spotted?
Toys”R”Us website

How does it work?
The individual store inventory is indexed and then linked to the online store. As soon as an online order is placed, the product is located in a store. The store personnel then take over and ensure proper order packing and completion of the order.

What is its core value?
By applying this system, Toys”R”Us realizes large savings on employee and real estate costs by maximizing the existing capacity. Next to that, she reduces the number of unsalable items, resulting in fewer reduced prices and therefore a healthier profit margin.

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