Thought you could shop anonymously? Think again!

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Almax developed a $5,000 bionic mannequin that is equipped with facial-recognition software, to categorize shoppers by age, gender and race the same way online merchants do. 

Almax Bionic Mannequins (source:

What is it?
Bionic mannequins are equipped with facial-recognition software generating data that, according to Almax, can help stores to better serve their customers in the products they can choose from, window displays, and store layouts to appeal to their customer base and help boost sales. However, it was first argued that the mannequins could be used in (preventing) criminal activities. Examples are already known though that retailers adjusted their strategy based upon the information the mannequins provide.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
Although it looks like a regular mannequin, these mannequins are not as they are equipped with cameras that have facial recognition software running. With this technology, retailers can identify aspects such as age, gender and race and track how customers behave in their store.

What is its core value?
The company’s aim is to offer a solution for a better marketing strategy.

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