The Hointer Experience

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Hointer lets you experience shopping in a totally new manner.

The Hointer Experience: Shopping Reinvented (

What is it?
While we would normally scan an entire jeans wall finding the right size, colour or fitting, Hointer comes with an integrated solution that promises to simplify this process. While using your smartphone, the shopper virtually scans the items that (s)he wants to try on. After selecting the right size, the app tells you that you can find your items in one of the fitting room. Once there, the shopper sees the item already waiting for him or her. As the fitting process is over, items can be purchased through the smartphone or returned by using the special ‘bin’ that can be found in the fitting room. Automatically, the item is removed from the shoppers’ chart.

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How does it work?
First, one  has to download the app, either done by looking it up in the market store or by scanning the QR code. Once available, customers can start scanning items that will be added to their shopping chart. If the shopper has selected all the items (s)he wants to try on, the app will show the fitting room where the items will be gathered for you. If you want to change the size, you can select a new size on the screen that is available in the fitting room. Also, you can ask for styling advice, where an employee comes to you and helps you to select the right items for the perfect outfit.

What is its core value?
Simplifying and personalising the shopping process, especially in an age where smartphones become increasingly important in the shopping process.

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