The automated airport store

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“The Shopping Wall is like buying online, but with direct satisfaction.”


What is it?
That is what Automated Retail Concepts, developer of this concept, said. The Shopping Wall is a fully automated retail solution that is not just a typical vending machine. Moreover, founder Eric van Velzen mentions here that it’s all about the experience rather than the technology. As with Baps, the idea emerged out of a personal need: waiting at the airport gate, with nothing to do, wishing there was the opportunity to buy an iPod. The idea to create a automatic vending machine came after he read an article about the success of vending machines in countries such as Japan. As these vending machines focused more on technology rather than on the product and personal experience itself (“See It, Want It, Buy It” is their slogan), van Velzen decided to create a new type of vending machines. 

Where spotted?
Google: innovative retail concepts

How does it work?
The machine consists of two main parts: a showcase and a product dispenser. In the glass showcase, the products are placed so that shoppers can have a good look at their future purchase. The product dispenser offers room for advertising on a 32-inch LCD monitor – such as a video consisting a demo of the product – and a 19-inch touch screen where shoppers can read more about the products available and, of course, buy the products they want.

If a shopper wants to buy something, this is how it would look like:
1. The shoppers sees, on the 19-inch touch screen, how to use the vending machine and can browse through all the available products.
2. The shopper selects the products he wants, gets his credit card or direct bank pass thereby logging into the system.
3. Sometimes, the shopper should also scan a boarding pass for customs purposes.
4. After confirmation of the purchase, the shopper can pay for the product which triggers a high speed robot lift to bring the product to the dispatcher.
5. An optical laser double checks if the product has arrived.
6. Then, the delivery hatch opens and the shopper can take the product. Meanwhile, the receipt is printed.

What is its core value?
Automated Retail Concepts wants to bring more service to places where retailers are not (or cannot) willing to create unique selling points. The vending machine is not as expensive as a regular shop, as no staff and no actual store is needed. This also makes the concept very interesting for pop-up stores. Want to learn more about Automated Retail Concepts? Visit their website.

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