Sunny Sale: get sales items scanning QR codes

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An unique experience, only available during lunch hours.

Sunny sale Emart (source:

What is it?
In Korea, Emart (a supermarket)  noticed that during lunch time, their sales decreased drastically. To improve this situation, they developed a concept that they hoped would trigger consumers to buy something during lunchtime. Their idea: create a ‘shadow’ QR code that can could only scan from 12pm and 1pm. This way, Emart offered an unique experience where consumers could scan the QR code and get special offerings during this specific timeframe.

Where spotted?
YouTube: innovative retail concepts

How does it work?
The QR code is an 3D object that is dependent upon the position of the sun to show the QR-shape. If the sun has just the right position, the shadow reveals the QR code. After seeing the QR code, people can scan the code that leads them to Emart´s website with special offers for that day. If consumers are interested, they can easily order the products ánd get them delivered to their preferred address.

What is its core value?
Increasing sales during lunch time, in an innovative manner.

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