Smart shorts that will help improve your running work-out.

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With the Lumo Run smart shorts (and capris) you can improve your work-out whilst wearing them.



What is it?
The Lumo shorts are developed by Lumo Biotechnology as smart garment especially for runners. With the shorts consumers can keep track of several running metrics and get auditory coaching without wires, goggles or wristbands. 

Where spotted?

How does it work?
The shorts and capris hold a lab-grade 9-axis sensor and advanced algorithms within the waistband that capture accurate running biomechanics through core body movements. With real-time audio cues it’s possible to get real-time feedback on your form for improvement. 

What is its core value?

“Lumo Run incorporates the personal attention of a running coach with the professional data of a lab — all within the lining of your shorts to help you achieve your best.” Lumo Biotechnology

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