‘Smart dressing rooms’ at Macy’s

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Macy’s has new ‘smart dressing rooms’, to create a new, fun and convenient shopping experience.

Photo: www.shopcherrycreek.com

Photo: www.shopcherrycreek.com

What is it?
Macy’s came with a new technology to make shopping even more fun and easy. With the use of a smart dressing room, customers are able to scan pieces of clothing they want to try on whilst shopping without having to carry everything to the dressing room. The selected pieces will be ready to be fitted in the dressing room. You don’t even need to leave the dressing room when you need a different size. The technology is still in its testing phase and only available for men’s swimwear, but will be expected to soon be used for women’s lingerie as well.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
When customers have downloaded the app, they are able to scan products they want to try on whilst shopping. When they press ‘try on’, the customer will be informed where to go. The selected clothing in the selected size will be ready to be fitted in the dressing room. There will be a tablet available in the dressing room. With this tablet, the customer can log in with their personal information and ‘order’ a different size of clothing without leaving the dressing room. The piece of clothing will be delivered straight to the dressing room with the use of a slide chute.

What is its core value?
Making shopping easier and more comfortable for customers.

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