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How great would it be if you are browsing through a catalogue and immediately could order the things you like? With an interactive lookbook it is possible.


What is it?
Online streetwear retailer Oki-Ni has an interactive lookbook online. This is a clip were one can see people doing different stuff in different outfits. Anytime the viewer sees an interesting piece of clothing, he or she can buy it immediately.

Where spotted?
Huh Magazine

How does it work?
One simply watches the clip and whenever the viewer sees something likeable, he or she just clicks on it. The clip holds and the viewer gets the possibility to read some short basic information about the clothes. Then the viewer can click again on the piece he/she would like to buy to go to the webshop. Or when the viewer doesn’t want to buy the clothes, he/she clicks on ‘play’ again to watch the rest of the clip.

What is its core value?
Buy something likable that you see in a lookbook immediately- if you want to.

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