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One great benefit of offline shopping is bringing your friends who give you advice on what to buy. When shopping online, this becomes a bit more difficult. Unless there’s one application, implemented in the website, that allows you to share your shopping experiences with your friends.


What is it?
BevyUp is an online application that gives people the chance to shop online with their friends while looking at items. Users can share their screen, activate the webcam and mark various items they’re interested in purchasing.


Where spotted?
YouTube: innovative retail technologies

How does it work?
Shoppers actually don’t have to install anything, the application is already present at the retailers’ website – that is, if the retailer is doing business with BevyUp. The application, that appears on the right in the form of two grey boxes, is free to use for shoppers and gives the opportunity to invite friends, share products with them, get their advice and mark items. See the picture on the right to get an impression of how this looks like:

What is its core value?
BevyUp positions itself as a business-to-business solution company, where the application is used as a marketing tool to get a better insight into what consumers actually do and feel while shopping.

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To get an impression of BevyUp, see the video below:

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