Serving the fashion industry with 3D solutions

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With a mission to “revolutionise the fashion and uniform manufacturing industries”, 3D-A-PORTER believes 3D solutions are the future of the fashion industry.

3D fashion garment visualization


What is it?
3D-A-PORTER is a young company that strives towards a market that is more consumer-driven by offering 3D solutions to retailers. In their blog, they explain why. Not only do they believe this approach can reduce high costs for retailers as consumers won’t order 3 sizes of one item, but just 1, they also believe this way of shopping contributes to a better ecological balance as (only) products are ordered (and made) that fit the consumer.

Where spotted?
Google: 3D fashion solutions

How does it work?
3D-A-PORTER offers several b-2-b 3D solutions: 3D body scanning, 3D software, 3D virtual try-on and 3D mirrors. Not all technologies are created by the company itself, mostly they work with suppliers who benefit from 3D-A-PORTER’s network. 3D-A-PORTER’s value then mostly lays in gathering and analyzing measurement data and purchase behaviour for their clientele. While doing so, they believe retailers are better in spotting and reacting to trends, thereby reducing waste and improving margin performance.

What is its core value?
3D-A-PORTER positions itself as a business-to-business solution company, where they state to “offer accurate measurement data and 3D visualization solutions to improve online and offline fashion sales.” This statements makes the company not just a technology business, but rather a marketing company that creates a bridge between the fashion industry and new technologies that can improve the fitting process. Additionally, they claim to be conscious about the ecological footprint and want to contribute to a better world by delivering solutions that help consumers pick the right outfit for them.

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