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4 years ago by in Experiences, Service Domain, Social experiences lets you create your personal stylefeed and gives fashion suggestions based upon your preferences.


What is it? is a fashion shopping site that connects with brands all over the world and offers a webshop where customers can easily order their clothing. Sounds like a regular webshop, right? However, Lyst takes on a slightly different approach. Launched in 2010, Lyst offers the possibility to create a personal stylefeed by following your favorite brands. Based upon that behavior, will give you others suggestions based upon your style. You can then create your own lists with your favorite items, share them with others and get notified the instant they go on sale. Additionally, rewards bloggers who write about products sold on Lyst and are purchased after reading the blogpost.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
Lyst partners up with top brands around the world to create an attractive collection shoppers can choose from. One can easily sign up for, follow brands and create lists, but one can also write a blogpost about products that are found on By linking your blog to, one can make money out of just writing an interesting blog post.

What is its core value?
Giving personal advice, to stimulate sales, increase awareness of brands and develop personal styles.

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