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With the use of a 3D bodyscan, one can easily measure the exact size for clothing. The ideal method to avoid having to try on 5 jeans before knowing which one suits you best?


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What is it?
Finding the right size while shopping can be a nightmare, especially when shopping for jeans. With a bodyscanner using 3D technology, this could all be over. At least, that is what LAPTOP says. In their test video, they show how the bodyscanner from Me-Ality measures the entire body and selects a couple of jeans that would fit your body best. Although LAPTOP only tests a jeans-version, the Me-Ality Size-Matching Station provides shoppers with an best fitting styles from over 150 brands in tops, sweaters, bottoms, pants, jeans, dresses, skirts and intimates.

Where spotted?
YouTube: innovative retail concepts

How does it work?
After entering some brief registration information, shoppers step into the Me-Ality Size-Matching Station and take the proper scan position. A wand will circulate twice, collecting over 200,000 points of reference from a person’s skin. Me-Ality’s sizing software will match this information to hundreds of styles in our system. In just a few seconds, the shopper can step out and view their results on a touch screen. Shoppers can then refine their results and print out a custom Shopping Guide listing their best fitting clothing from today’s most popular brands and retailers.

What is its core value?
As they state on their own website, Me-Ality is complementary to the shopping process. It gives retailers the options to provide a tool that enables consumers to find their best fitting styles based upon the shape of their body.

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