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The chain store H&M has something new. Something that brings offline shopping a little bit closer to online shopping: The Scan & Buy app.

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What is it?
H&M created a new application for Android and iPhone. This app makes it possible for customers to scan the price tag of a certain article to see if that particular article is online available in a different size or color. If it is, the customer can order it immediately.

Where spotted?
In the H&M in the Kalverstraat, Amsterdam

How does it work?
If you’re in a H&M store and your garment of choice isn’t available anymore in your size or in the color you prefer, you simply look for the price tag. Then you open the H&M app on your smartphone and press on the scan-icon. Now you can scan the price tag. The app will show you if the article of choice is available online. If it is, you can order it right away.

What is its core value?
Bringing one of the benefits of online shopping -a very large stock- to the physical store.

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