Say goodbye to messy makeovers

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Everyone with a young child, a niece or a little sister recognizes the problem. They are fascinated with your makeup and make a big mess while trying out every piece of makeup you own. These days are gone now thanks to the Barbie Digital Makeover.

Source: YouTube; Barbie digital make over from Mattel

Source: youtube; Barbie digital make over from Mattel

What is it?
The Barbie Digital Makeover is an augmented reality toy for kids who love trying out makeup. It’s actually an app that transforms your tablet to a digital and interactive mirror. You can try out different colors of ‘makeup’, put on accessories and make pictures of your new look. And the best thing is, because all of the makeup and accessories are digital, it is impossible to make a mess!

Where spotted?
YouTube: Barbie Digital Makeover from Mattel

How does it work?
If you buy the whole package, you will receive a pink frame for your tablet (the mirror frame), a color palette (the digital makeup) and of course the app. When you installed everything, you simply sit in front of the ‘mirror’ and choose the makeup you want to try. With a fake brush you can apply the makeup, by holding it in front of your cheeks or lips for example.

What is its core value?
Kids can entertain themselves for hours, while mom’s makeup remains intact.

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Watch this video to get an impression of how this augmented reality toy works:

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