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The Affair introduce with their new collection ‘1984’ the UnPocket™ stealth technology that secures your phone, passport and bankcards with police-grade high performance shielding to ~100 dB. In other words: you become untrackable and unhackable.



What is it?
UnPocket is a stealth pocket that securely blocks all Cellular, WiFi, GPS and RFID signals. A whole collection of clothes is build around these removable and water resisting pockets, so you can carry devices with you in style.

Where spotted?

How does it work?

People can be tracked easily because of their GPS or WiFi on their phone. Personal data on your contactless bank card or e-passport can be stolen or skimmed. This can be prevented, according to The Affair, by using UnPocket. Funded by Kickstarter, they developed a technology that blocks cell, GPS, WiFi and RIFD. Just pop your phone, passport and bank cards in the pocket and you become invisible to Big Brother.

What is its core value?
The Affair-1984 state on their website that their goal is to create: “Fashion for an under-surveillance society. Because let’s face it, Big Brother knows way too much already…”

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