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Here you can find the English version of the questionnaire that was used in the beacon-study. With this survey we measured, among other things, the shopping experience of customers. We added information about on what scales our questions are based. This information wasn’t visible for the subjects during the study.


The Applied University of Amsterdam is doing research upon media effects. Thank you for participating by filling in this survey. Before you start, please read this text with attention. By clicking on the >> button, you agree with the text below:

I hereby state that I am informed correctly about the nature and method of the research. I am 18 years old or older.

I am participating voluntarily and have the right to withdraw my agreement at any point in time without informing why. I realize that I can quit at any point in time.

In case the results of this survey will be used for scientific publication, or will be publicized in any other way, this will be done fully confidential. My personal details will not be viewed by a third party without myexplicit permission.

If I would like to retrieve more information, now or in the future, I can contact Anne Moes. This is possible by sending an e-mail to


Choose the option you prefer/ Vink uw voorkeur aan:

o   I would like to do this questionnaire in English

o   Ik wil deze vragenlijst graag in het Nederlands doen


You’ve just visited the byAMFI Store. Did you make use of a mobile phone that provided information about the brands through the byAMFI Store app?

o   Yes, I did

o   No, I didn’t


Overall, my shopping experience in this store was…

unpleasurable O   O   O   O   O   O   O pleasureable


Please rate, on a scale from 1 (totally disagree) to 7 (totally agree), to which extent you agree with the statements below.

(Questions based on the ‘Hedonic shopping value- scale’ from Allard, Babin & Chebat, 2009)

This shopping trip truly felt like an escape from the every day routine

While shopping, I felt a sense of adventure

This shopping experience was truly a joy


Please rate, on a scale from 1 (totally disagree) to 7 (totally agree), to which extent you agree with the statements below. (Questions based on the ‘Perceived store atmosphere scale’ from Yuksel, 2007)

I would return to this shopping location

This shopping location is a place where I would easily speak to a salesperson

I like this shopping location

This is the kind of place where I would spend more money than planned

This shopping location is a place where I might spend more time than planned


Choose the answer that best suits you on a scale from 1 (very low) to 7 (very high).

(Questions based on the ‘Behavioral intention scale’ from Cronin, Brady en Hult, 2000)

The probability that I will visit this store again is …

The likelihood that I would recommend this store to a friend is …


Choose the answer that applies to you:

o   I bought something today in the byAMFI Store

o   I didn’t buy something today in the byAMFI Store


Choose the answer that applies to you. (Questions based on the ‘Brand attitude scale’ from Dolbec en Chebat, 2013)

My feelings about the byAMFI Store are..:

negative        O   O   O   O   O   O   O positive

bad                 O   O   O   O   O   O   O good

unfavorable  O   O   O   O   O   O   O favorable

dislikeable   O   O   O   O   O   O   O likeable


Please rate how intense the contact was between you and the personnel during this shopping trip, on a scale from 1 (no contact at all) to 7 (very intense).

How intense was the contact between you and the personnel?


Last, we like to know some demographics. Also with these questions anonymity is guaranteed.

What is your sex?

o   Male

o   Female


What is your age?



Where do you live?

o   Amsterdam, the Netherlands

o   Somewhere else in the Netherlands

o   In Europe, but outside the Netherlands

o   Outside Europe


The final question:

Were you asked -before hand- to visit this store to participate to this research, by a teacher or somebody else?

o   Yes

o   No


Thank you for filling out this questionnaire!

If you have anymore question, you can email MSc Anne Moes (

NB: Please click the >> button one more time to save your answers.



Allard, T., Babin, B. & Chebat, J.C. (2009). When income matters: Customers evaluation of shopping malls’ hedonic and utilitarian orientations. J. Retail. Consum. Serv., 16(1), 40–49.

Cronin, J.J., Brady, M.K. & Hult, T.M. (2000). Assessing the effects of quality, value, and   customer satisfaction on consumer behavioral intentions in service environments. Journal of Retailing, 76(2), 192-218.

Dolbec, P.Y. & Chebat, J.C. (2013). The impact of a flagship vs. a brand store on brand attitude, brand attachement and brand equity. Journal of Retailing, 89(4), 460- 466.

Yüksel, A. (2007). Tourist shopping habitat: effects on emotions, shopping value and behaviours. Tour. Manag. 28(1), 58–69.