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A description and critical review is given about the Pose fashion app, written by two students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute: Sarah Wissink and Quinta van Vliet.

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The world of fashion is increasingly homogenous while the number of fashion and shopping applications is strongly growing. These apps become more and more popular, and are now part of the daily lives of every mobile device user, according to Elizabetta Camilleri on Vision Mobile (visionmobile.com, 2012). During this review we will focus on the app named ‘Pose’. From deciding what to wear each morning to building a whole new wardrobe: Pose is all about it. It allows you to sell, trade and buy items from the brands you love together with the community. With Pose, you’ll find endless outfit inspiration by following big, famous influencers like The Man Repeller, to see what they tell you to wear. Pose is the ultimate destination for fashion (Pose.com, 2014 and Kristen Hawley, 2011).

In this article we will first discuss some facts about this application. Secondly we will make assumptions based on observations and literature. And in the end we will give you a final judgement.

The founder of Pose is Dustin Rosen, he introduced the app in 2011. When the app reached over 2 million users worldwide (this includes both iPhone and Android users) in 2013, he started to work together with advertising companies, according to Mark Suster (bothsidesofthetable.com, 2011). One of the first ad campaigns that was shown is the one with brand Juicy Couture. There are a lot of brands involved with the app because Pose-users share their outfits online, by tagging the brands they are wearing. This way they automatically refer to brands and stores. You can share as much as you want to, there’s no limit (Lauren Indvik on Masable.com, 2013).

The team behind Pose consists now out of 14 members. Kristen Hawley and Christina Lauren (co-founders in Pose.com) explained that this app has a revolutionary effect, because it’s helping users to shop and inspire with suggestions and recommendations from others during shopping, even if you’re alone. This may explain why there is so much interest in this app: because it’s the easiest way for people to find inspiring styles and spot and shop the trends they need to help turn their style inspiration into reality. The app is build to be functional and fun, according to the blog Fashionista (fashionista.com, 2011). The two core colors used in the app are white and purple. White makes it really clean and clear, the purple color makes it more fun and fashion (www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com).

Amazon posted an overview of reviews from consumers of the app. There are 141 reviewsand 109 of them gave the app a 5 star grading (the maximum) and 128 people gave this app a (very) positive review. To draw a conclusion out of this: most of the people who are using it are satisfied and would recommend it (amazon.com, 2012).

‘’The app is frequently used by personal style bloggers and fashion bloggers, as it instantly  connects them with fans and followers, and helps them increase their exposure to new  audiences. In addition, several celebrities.’’(Christina Lauren on Inspirations & Celebrations, 2013). The conclusion here is that this app has a broad audience, but what these consumers have in common is that they all have a interest in fashion and style.

Pose refers to a lot of brands, top influencers on the app, famous fashionista’s and  magazines. This is to create more awareness and increasing the number of Pose users (Lauren Indvik on Masable.com, 2012). As mentioned before, online magazines such as The Man Repeller has a lot of followers already. ‘’By making use of their ‘name’ and fashion choices it would be more interesting for people to download the app and start using it’’ (Christina Lauren on inspirationsandcelebrations.net, 2013).

According to Colleen Tayler, Pose has raised some $4,6 million in venture capital from investors that include GRP Partners, True Ventures, Mousse Partners, and celebrity fashion designer and stylist Rachel Zoe (techcrunch.com, 2012).

To review this application we both downloaded it on our mobile phones. One of the first things that came to our minds was the fact that it makes us think of Instagram a lot. Instagram is an app where you can share pictures of whatever you want. There are also a lot of fashion com-panies active here. The big difference with Pose is that it mainly focuses on outfits and your wardrobe. It also makes it very easy for users to purchase the clothing that is being worn on the pictures shared on Pose. Brands are more exposed and there are ads shown. We think this application is very useful because we all know the daily struggle of not knowing what to wear. By simply downloading Pose on your mobile phone you will be inspired immediately. It’s free and there’s not much effort required to become part of the community.