Pop it Up!

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All over the world, stores temporarily pop up to disappear soon after.

What is it?
All over the world, stores pop up that are aimed at short-term sales. That is, creating a temporary venue where customers can buy, for instance, niche products. According to Wikipedia, Vacant (LA) is the first company that began to experiment with the concept. The store ‘pops up’ within only a couple of days, for it to quickly melt away (within a couple of days or weeks). As such, these temporary sales venues are very suitable for seasonal specials.

Where spotted?
In our own neighbourhoods, but ofcourse also online.

How does it work?
In a time where some brick-built stores can no longer pay their rent, partly due to growing online sales, cities are having to deal with increasing numbers of  empty stores. This is a great opportunity for brands who do not want to spend great amounts of money on a monthly basis, but do want to sell seasonal products, or just get temporary attention. In the Netherlands, specific websites or apps help those interested in setting up a temporary store, through initiatives such as Zazone, Popupsquare and Ridicule. These websites show where vacant and available stores are located.

What is its core value?
Promotion of niche and/or seasonal products, special sales, gaining extra attention.

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