Popup stores as a solution

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Empty stores and offices don’t make anybody happy. They are even a little bit depressing. So why not transform them into a temporary store? Popupsquare makes it possible.

Source: www.popupsquare.nl

Source: www.popupsquare.nl

What is it?
Popupsquare is a platform for popup stores. Popup queen Caroline de Jager initiated the concept, because she believes that nobody benefits from vacancy. Not the consumer, not the owner of the property and not the retailer. Popupsquare brings people together that are looking for an empty store with people who are offering an empty store.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
First, you become a member of popupsquare.nl. Now it’s possible to log in and to see other peoples’ posts. Then you fill in your own profile and let others know what you are looking for or what you have to offer. If you’re really serious, you also write down your plan for the store.

What is its core value?
Popup stores give people the possibility to temporary rent a store (like a try-out). A pop-up store also increases the rentability.

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