Playing with the window: Christmasworld

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Creating a playful experience while shopping, what’s next?


Christmasworld (

What is it?
Together with 2Dezign, TWNKLS created and developed a concept that enlivens physical store windows by projecting different themes onto an existing shopping window. In this specific example, Christmasworld, the windowshopper can use his iPad to interact with the window, by shaking its device to create snow like a snowdome, or add bubbles to create an underwater world.

Where spotted?
Mens voor de Lens conference @pakhuis de zwijger

How does it work?
The concept has been created using the newest state of the art technology, SLAM tracking technology, developed by 13th lab. Using this technology, the usage of markers becomes obsolete and the environment itself (in this case, the shopping window) can be scanned. The technology ‘transforms’ the physical environment to a 3D map and makes it possible to navigate around the sphere.

What is its core value?
Exploring new ways of interacting with consumers.

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Watch the online demonstration here:


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