Pepper at your service

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Tokio has opened a mobile phone store where the staff is replaced by Pepper, the robot.




What is it?
Mobile phone and internet company Softbank has developed Pepper, the humanoid robot that can replace the staff of their mobile phone store. The robot measures 4 feat tall, costs around $ 2000 and is capable to guide the customer through the whole purchasing process. In addition to Pepper, human staff is still available in the store mainly for the identity verification process of customers.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
The robot is able to help the customers make purchases, choose dataplans and sign contracts. It has a tablet in front of it where customers can choose from different products and/or services. Besides that, Pepper is outfitted with 25 senses and is capable of learning and expressing emotions.

What is its core value?
The robots represent a potential labor-saving solution for the company.

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