Pay with your social media account

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Paying with your ‘social currency’: the campaign team responsible for Kellogg’s cereal brand Special K came created an experiment where consumers could pay by simply posting something while using the hashtag #SpecialKPO.


What is it?
In 2013, Kellogg set up an experimental campaign to promote a new snack, Special K Cracker Crisps. Here, consumers were invited to post something while using the hashtag #SpecialKPO. In return, they were given a sample of the new treat.

Where spotted?
YouTube: innovative retail technologies

How does it work?
One uses the hashtag #SpecialKPO, thereby getting a Special K Cracker Crisps in return. So far, the campaign only lasted shortly, so there’s no possibility of participating in the experiment.

What is its core value?
Finding new ways to interact with consumers, thereby also getting the opportunity to collect consumer data. Additionally, as Nick Scotcher, marketing manager of snacks at Kellogg, mentioned that: “We wanted to give people something in return for the things they do naturally on social media already.”

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To get an impression of how the app works, see the video below:

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