Panasonic Powershelf

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Stock clerks pay attention: never again you will miss an empty shelf!



What is it?
The Panasonic Powershelf is a system that let store employees know when shoppers took the last item of a shelf. That way stock clerks know on time when to replenish a certain shelf and managers know the exact product that needs to be restocked. Powershelf is currently in use at 40 Whole Foods Markets.  

Where spotted?

How does it work?

The Panasonic Powershelf system is actually just a weight-sentive mat placed underneath the products in shelfs. When a shopper lifts the last item off the shelf, a store employee instantly gets a text message notifying him or her that the last item of a certain product category is sold and needs to be restocked/ordered. Powershelf also includes digital price tags. Because the technology relies not on batteries, but on electrical inductive power, it can even be used in grocery freezers.

What is its core value?
Putting an end to empty shelfs!

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