New futuristic men’s store in London

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London is getting a new pop-up store that is enhanced by technology: The Dandy Lab.




What is it?
The Dandy Lab is opening a pop-up store on August 14th, 2015, in London with exclusive British menswear designers and lifestyle brands. The pop-up store has several features which makes your visit extra special: For example, they have interactive displays, smart mannequins, a virtual showroom and a cafe with multiple wireless charging points for your smartphone.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
All the features in the Dandy Lab store are focused on getting a better connection between brands and customers. For instance, the Iconeme mannequins that are used in the store can “beam” smartphones information that allows customers to quickly access additional information about what is on the display. Also, Hoxton Analytics, has developed a system that can deduce a persons’ demographic background according to the clothes the customer wears.

What is its core value?
To create new ways for brands to connect with their customers.

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