Negin Mirsalehi

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A description and critical review is given about the fashion blog Negin Mirsalehi , written by two students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute:Kim Blok and Pien Geijtenbeek.

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Becoming a famous fashion blogger is a dream for many boys and girls. For many of us this will only be a dream, especially in the Netherlands. Becoming worldwide famous if you’re from such a small country sounds even more impossible. But there is a girl who made it possible, named Negin Mirsalehi.

The successful Dutch Negin, 25 years old, loves fashion and made her job out of it by using Instagram. Within a year she gained over 1 million followers in 145 countries (source). Who is this Instagram-Queen? How did she manage to get so famous? And what is her influence on the fashion industry?

Negin Mirsalehi finished her study of International business administration at the Vrije University of Amsterdam, two years ago. She was always sure that she wanted to make a career in the fashion industry, but how she was going to do that was unclear. When she found out how other fashion bloggers, through Instagram, made their living by posting pictures of them, she wanted to do the same (source).

Her goal was to gain many followers just within a few months. She decided to follow famous people, fashion bloggers and their followers, with as goal to get their follow back. Not only did she manage to get their follows back she now has 1,8 million followers and counting (source).

With the start of her career she focused her first two months on following others. Every day she posted a fashion picture of herself, in the hope other people would follow her work, which happens! Every day she gained over a thousand followers. She claims that her success is her timing, because she was one of the first people in The Netherlands who used Instagram. Her photo network was a hit in America, but not one of her friends even had Instagram when she uploaded her first pictures. Now her main followers consist of young fashion focused girls (source).

Negin describes her style as mostly casual chic (source). Looking at her images it is hard to disagree. Casual chic is a dress code, which you can see as a form between ‘casual’ and ‘casual smart’. The main idea is that the clothing is usually very ‘wearable’; but has a chic detail at the same time. As you can see in this picture she is wearing high heels, which is chic, in combination with jeans and a T-shirt, which is considered casual.

The website she uses for her blog is clean and professional. It is only about her posts and you do not see any advertisement banners. The whole website is black and white, except for the pictures. In her pictures she and the fashion she is wearing are always the middle point. You can see a change within seasons as well. During spring the whole blog has a more romantic feeling with light colors and in the winter she uses darker colors and heavier knits to create a winter feeling

The role of the blog is to show the world what is in fashion. She posts on average five pictures per day on Instagram and one or two at the website. With the amount of followers she has it is important for designers that she post a picture of their brand, as many people will see it. She has collaboration with brands like L’Oreal, Dior, Temptu, Forever 21, D&G and Lancôme.

The blog is divided into three categories, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. Negin posts pictures in every category. Under every post she refers to the brand she is wearing in that particular picture. She also uses links from shops, so you can go and buy the products.

Negin Mirsalehi is becoming important for the fashion industry, she has a lot of followers with her blog and Instagram and she won two awards within one year, one from Marie Claire Prix de la Mode for ‘Best New Media Talent’ and the other from Stylight, ‘Most Promising Fashion Blog’ (source). So, if you are interested in Negin’s life and in fashion take a look at her blog and get inspired!