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There always remains a risk when ordering clothing online: without first trying the garments, you just guess whether or not an item will actual fit. The creators of My Virtual Model believe their invention helps consumers to better shop online.


What is it?
My Virtual Model is an online tool that lets you create a virtual avatar of yourself. You can select aspects such as your height and size, thereby trying to create a model that has the same body as you do. With this online avatar, you can check if the clothing that you see online actually suits you or not.

Where spotted?
YouTube: innovative retail technologies

How does it work?
First, one starts creating an avatar. Aspects such as height, posture shape and haircolour can be entered in the system. With this avatar, one can start dressing up with items from several brands. is the platform where users can even try on more items, as well as use the facebook app to also link the outcomes to facebook. Additionally, the company offers possibilities to integrate virtual model technology into existing web sites.

What is its core value?
My Virtual Model should offer a solution for consumers who have difficulties deciding if garments they shop online would actually fit them. This way, the company addresses both issues on the side of the retailer ánd the consumer, as retailers deal with high return rates and consumers often just order items based on pure guessing.

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