Memory Mirror

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A mirror that remembers you!



What is it?
With the Memory Mirror, designed by Memoni, it is possible to look at yourself in the mirror and try and compare different outfits without actually changing clothes. The mirror is available in three Neiman Marcus stores that are in San Fransisco, Walnut Creek and Dallas.

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How does it work?
Several cameras are installed to make you feel like you’re in front of an actual mirror. At the top, there is an Intel RealSense camera that captures your front and three other cameras are used to capture other sides of your outfit. The trick is that the mirror captures your digital image, show this to you (as if you are looking in a mirror) and finally change your outfit digitally. As you turn, the camera records several angles of your outfit, so you can get a full view of the way you look.

What is its core value?
To create: “a seamless, luxurious and undeniably beautiful fusion of digital and real life shopping experiences”, by Memomi.

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