Make Up Genius: a virtual make up experience

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Want to try a new makeup look, but not sure if you can pull it off? Try out the new L’Oreal Make Up Genius app.


What is it?
With the L’Oreal Make Up Genius app you can virtually try out new makeup before you buy it. With this app you can see immediately whether you can pull off that new look or not by trying all different colors, shades and styles of makeup that L’Oreal has to offer. When you like a product, you can buy it directly through the app. The app can be downloaded from the App store or Google Playstore.

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How does it work?
When you open the app you can scan and save your face into the system. Because the system remembers your face, you can even move around. You then search for the makeup product you want to try out. It’s also possible to scan a product by its barcode. You select the wanted product and add it to your look. Last, but not least, you can see the results!

What is its core value?
For consumers to try out new makeup first before buying it, making sure they buy the products that suits them most.

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