Jeans Matchmaker bij G-Star

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G-star has come up with an online tool that should make shopping jeans online a lot easier!



What is it?
An online tool designed for G-star. With this tool, online shoppers are asked several questions that relate to their preferences for the jeans they want to buy. By answering these questions they can easily find the best jeans for them and buy them straight online.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
When you go to the G-star website, you can click on the ‘Jeans Matchmaker’. You will get a series of questions which you’ll have to answer and that will ultimately guide you to the best jeans for you. The questions relate to fits, colors and washes of the jeans G-star has to offer. When you are done answering the questions, the tool will show you the jeans that fits best to your preferences and you can buy the jeans directly online. 

What is its core value?
With this tool it becomes easier for online shoppers to find the best jeans fitted to their preferences and needs.

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