Interactive shop windows at the Store of the Future

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The windows of the Store of the Future, the Hague, will be provided with different video placements to create a new and innovative customer journey.



What is it?
The windows of the Store of the Future, opening June 23 2015, are getting video projections made possible by the Glass Shop Wall. All partners and retailers that are connected by the Store of the Future will be able to place different videos on the windows for an exclusive price. In this way the retailers are getting the chance to advertise their products, but also to research and respond to their customers’ shopping experiences.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
The video placements will be based on phase 1 techniques provided by the Glass Wall Shop. With the use of new techniques like beacons, special cameras and infra-red devices behind and within the glass it is easy to get a better understanding of the customers passing the windows and to optimize the inside store. 

What is its core value?
Getting a better understanding of what the consumer is doing on the other side of the glass and create an outstanding, innovative and new customer journey.

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