Interactive mirrors at Ralph Lauren

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Get a new shopping experience with the interactive mirrors at Ralph Lauren!




What is it?
A Ralph Lauren store in New York has interactive mirrors in their fitting rooms. The mirrors work as a tablet and make it easier to find the best clothes suited for you.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
The mirrors in the fitting room recognize the pieces of clothing by RFID-chips that are placed in stickers, that are placed on the clothing. The mirrors work as a tablet and show the pieces of clothing on the screen. If you click on them, the same pieces are shown, just in different colors and sizes. If you want to try on a different color or size, just click on the product you like and the interactive mirror will let an employee of the store know what you want. They will bring the asked pieces straight to you. Besides this service, it is also possible to choose from 3 different types of light in the fitting rooms and email yourself information about the clothing you tried on.

What is its core value?
Making shopping more pleasant and efficient.

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Watch this video to get an impression of the interactive mirror at the Ralph Lauren store in New York:

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