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Easily trying on new outfits, making shopping more fun and social: that’s what CISCO StyleMe promises us.

CISCO StyleMe (

What is it?
As mobile technologies further evolve, consumers more often get accustomed to using interactive technologies while shopping and online competition grows, it is not surprising that retailers seek for new opportunities to get shoppers to their stores. Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group believes, as they state it themselves, that “mashups – solutions that bring together the virtual and physical worlds in the store environment—will be instrumental in helping retailers lead this change.”

In 2011 the company developed Cisco StyleMe, a virtual fitting mirror that not only enables shoppers to fit clothing without having to go to the fitting room to change, but also to mix and match fashion outfits the retailers offers. Additionally, shoppers can get expert advice on their outfits or receive feedback through the social media options the mirror includes.

Where spotted?
YouTube: innovative retail concepts

How does it work?
Cisco’s StyleMe core solution includes a life-sized screen to display the video output, a PrimeSense camera to capture images and gestures, and an artificial intelligence engine that combines image analytics, recognition software, and augmented-reality capabilities. Furthermore, the tools works with specific software that together create the customer experience. When using the unit in-store, employees are also equipped with a ‘Cisco Cius’ tablet that enables them to operate the StyleMe unit as well as help customers to get the best experience. Additionally, Cisco makes it possible to place orders through the in-store system – this however is dependent upon the wishes of the retailer.

What is its core value?
Making shopping more fun, more social and easier.

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