Intel’s smart mirror

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Almost everybody knows that moment in the dressing room when you just can’t decide whether you want that new dress in white or black. Intel’s smart mirror is there to make your choice easier.



What is it?
Intel’s smart mirror, which is currently used at Neiman Marcus stores, is a mirror that helps customers making the right buying decisions. Shoppers can change the color of their outfit on screen as much as they want to see which color they prefer without having to change every time. But even better: if the shopper is doubting between two colors he or she can compare two looks side-by-side as shown in the picture above. The customer is in control of its own data, but the store can gather information about how many times a certain item is tried on by a certain customer.

Where spotted?

How does it work?

Simple. You just stand in front of the mirror. By using hand gestures you can swipe, change and compare. Sarah Halzack, of the Washington Post claims that the screen worked quite well and showed a realistic image: “The smart mirror was impressively fast at toggling between different looks and, unlike other technology in this category, the movement and wrinkling of the fabric was reflected realistically on screen. One caveat:  The orange-y red sweater you see in the mirror (see image) was actually more of a fire engine red in person, suggesting the color display might not be perfectly precise.”

What is its core value?
Helping customers to make the right buying decision more easily and give stores information about which customer tried on which outfits.

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Watch this clip to gather more information about Intel’s smart mirror:

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