Intel and Adidas: virtual shoe shopping

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Together with Intel, Adidas created an in-store interactive wall experience called adiVerse that showcases 8000+ shoe range. Shoppers can select items on a virtual shelf, view it in 3D detail, get more product information and make a purchase.

adiVerse –

What is it?
adiVerse is a virtual footwear wall, where shoppers can navigate through Adidas’ collection, view 3D models, get extra information such as videos and game stats, edit shoes and even see get updated by twitter feeds. The most popular products get the full content play, with videos, game stats, product specs and even twitter feeds fed through to the customer. Last but not least, if the shopper decides to buy an item,  (s)he can easily add products into his or her virtual cart and check out via an iPad sales staff carry with them (regular paying options apply).

Where spotted?

How does it work?
The wall can be deployed by almost any retailer, not just the flagship stores, thereby having the option to sell the entire Adidas product range. The large footwear wall is made of multiple LCD touch screens with facial recognition, thereby being able to determine the gender of shoppers hence adapting its selection to that gender. Using real-time 3D rendering technique, adiVerse strives to create an immersive shopping situation.

What is its core value?
Offering customers complete information about relevant products.

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