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Hunkemöller personalises the shopping proces by, for example, letting consumers collecting Passion Points.

Personalised shopping @Hunkemöller

What is it?
Retailers are sitting on a real goldmine in terms of personal details of their clients: age, gender, purchasing history, visiting frequency. With all this knowledge it seems odd that each week tons of irrelevant, impersonal bulk door-to-door post keeps filling people’s letterboxes.

From 2009, Hunkemoller decided that customers should be rewarded for buying at their stores, creating a special MemberCard where customers collect points for discount. However, in 2013, they launched an app that makes it even easier to interact with the brand: collect points with your phone! No more hassle with a forgotten MemberCard or all those plastic membercards.

Where spotted?
Hunkemoller, Mexx, Albert Heijn

How does it work?
Customers can easily apply for the MemberCard by filling out their details online or in store. With their MemberCard, they collect Passion Points that represent discounts. Furthermore, customers benefit from special Member sales nights and other special events. From the viewpoint of Hunkemoller, they get more insight into who their customers are, what they buy and where they buy it (if they use their MemberCard).

What is its core value?
Getting to know loyal customers and their wishes, thereby having the ability to really interact with them and create deals that really interests them.

Watch their online promotion video here:


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