House of Fraser: Stockless Store

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Want the advantages that online shopping offers you yet the physical touch? House of Fraser offers both!

House of Fraser:

What is it?
Another concept is bringing the online store into the physical store. The Scottish fashion retailer House of Fraser has launched concept stores that give its online operation a physical presence. The Buy & Collect stores, located in Aberdeen and Liverpool, are full of iPads, computers and interactive screens, where visitors can view the products and order online.

Where spotted?
YouTube: innovative retail concepts

How does it work?
After ordering a product online in the store, the order is delivered the following day to a location of choice, either the home or a House of Fraser store. The store naturally have changing rooms so the order can be tried on straight away. In the store there are some demo products to give the customer an idea of the quality of the product before placing their order. The retailer can sell its products with much less floor space and risk of overstocking and, at the same time, maintain the carefully cultivated brand identity.

What is its core value?
Reducing costs, as House of Fraser can locate itself in the center without having to deal with stock issues (thereby reducing square meters thus pricing). Consumers can easily try and order products without having the burden to carry it all day – it can just be delivered at your home.

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