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You’re in the store and the item you’re looking for seems to be sold out. How easy would it be to just order it then yourself and get it delivered at your home? That’s what the Hema-app offers you.

Source: hema.nl

What is it?
The appearance of the Hema-app just comes across as a regular retailer app: browse through the collection, order items, look up extra information. However, Hema added some smart features that could be really useful to consumers. Next to basic information such as checking its online inventory or store locations, users can also check if items are in stock in other stores ánd scan (thereby ordering) items in the store when they are out of stock. The same goes for Hema-items in your home. For example, if your almost out of coffee-pads, one can just scan the article and order a new package.

Where spotted?
YouTube: Hema app

How does it work?
So far, the app is only available for iPhone and Android users. Scanning can be done either via a barcode or a QR-code, which with the system looks up the matching item in the webstore. If items are not available in the webstore, the product cannot be ordered online.

What is its core value?
What Hema does, is finding a different way to connect to its consumers by connecting the physical and virtual and giving them the possibility to, for example, order goods when not in stock in stores anymore. This way, Hema anticipates to consumerists behaviour, by extending its experience via different channels.

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To get an impression of how the app works, see the video below:


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