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Shopping in the city center but can’t find what you are looking for? Baps claims to found the solution to that problem: their app!


What is it?
Baps is both a website and an app that helps you to locate a store which sells the items you are looking for. The idea behind Baps is pretty simple: you either search for a certain city, product or brand and Baps gives you information about what stores are to be found in that city, or where you can find that type of jeans, or where your favorite brand is located. It not only gives information about the brands certain shops sell, but also what type of clothing you can find there. Next to that, the app gives you the possibility to navigate right to the store.

Where spotted?
Through our business partners, INretail.

How does it work?
Whether you access their website or use their app, the idea is basically the same. By typing in a search request, Baps tells you where you find that specific store that sells your style or brand. For now, shoppers can search on location, style, product and brand. If shoppers have found a store they want to visit, one can use the navigation option to get there. Additionally, Baps started its own blog, discussing specific fashion items they love.

What is its core value?
The idea to start Baps was to fulfill their own needs, the founders explain here. While going to another town for a weekend, they could not find information on which stores sold which brands, which led to the idea to create a platform that offers just that. Baps is not only interesting to consumers, but also to retailers. Consumers can navigate easily through the stores and find the store they are looking for, for retailers this is an extra opportunity to get online presence and shoppers into their stores.

Nice to know: Baps asks shoppers specifically for their feedback. For instance, when the app cannot be used on your smartphone. Or when you have any other type of feedback.

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To learn more about Baps, visit their website or watch this video:

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