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Get your own design furniture for a reasonable price, add your creation to their collection or vote which products should be displayed. FASHION FOR HOME rethinks the way we currently shop design furniture.

What is it?
FASHION FOR HOME focuses upon offering affordable design furniture, by, as they say on their website, skipping some of the more expensive steps in the production and sales process. For example, no storage costs are made as the products are only produced after ordering. Although they do not have a showroom in the Netherlands, the showroom in Berlin shows items that are selected by the FASHION FOR HOME community (which is easy to access to).

Where spotted?

How does it work?
Visitors can scroll through the assortment online or in-store (Germany). It is easy to just order a product through these two channels or vote in the community and/or create a product design (see next paragraphs).

Vote for in-store assortment
Next to this, visitors of the website are also allowed to influence the in-store presentation, that is, they have a say in deciding which items will be shown in the showroom. By becoming a member of their community, visitors can mark their items that they want to see in the showroom.

Product design
If people want to make their design known, they can upload a drawing of it on the website. FASHION FOR HOME then decides if they think the design should be produced or not. If they select the design, the designer will have to sign a contract where a provision agreement is made. Important to note is that the rights of the design will always stay in hands of the designer.

What is its core value?
FASHION FOR HOME aims at making design furniture available to a broader audience. She does so by eliminating some aspects from the and sales process, such as limited storage (only a showroom) and a produce after ordering policy. Her aim is to select high quality materials and design yet making sure a broader audience can enjoy these designs.

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