FAD: the ultimate Fashion Dictionary App

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With the Fashion Dictionary App you will be an expert in Fashion terms everywhere you go.

Photo: itunes.apple.com

Photo: itunes.apple.com

Photo: itunes.apple.com

Photo: itunes.apple.com

What is it?
FAD is the Fashion Dictionary App. The apps has over 1500 terms listed that are related to fashion, from labels to fabrics. The app is only available in the App Store.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
First you have to download the app in the App Store. In the app you can choose between different categories. For example, choose the category Accessories. The app will show you alphabetically all the terms that can be listed under ‘Accessories’. You can also browse through your history of searched words and highlight your favorite terms. The app is also offline available. 

What is its core value?
Get you hooked up with today’s most common fashion lingo everywhere you go.

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