Explore Regent Street with the Regent Street App

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Receiving personalized information on exclusive offers, upcoming events and more while you are shopping in Regent Street? It’s now possible with the Regent Street App!


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What is it?
Regent Street in London is the first shopping street where you can use an app, the Regent Street App, that delivers exclusive personalized content during your shopping. Not only does the app provide content created exclusively for the app, it also builds an individual profile, so the content received is tailored to your personal preferences.

Where spotted?

How does it work?

When you have downloaded the app from the App Store you will receive alerts from stores you will pass in Regent Street through your Bluetooth connection. With the use of beacon technology shoppers receive information about new in-store promotions, upcoming events and exclusive offers of the participating stores. Shoppers also have the ability to input their own preferences of stores, brands etc. This with remaining their anonymity. 

What is its core value?
With the use of the app shoppers can explore the best of what Regent Street has to offer, helping them plan their visits efficiently and introduces them to new brands that suit their individual interests. 

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