The ELLE-app experience

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A description and critical review is given about the ELLE fashion app, written by two students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute: Siti van Elk and Babette Uijlenhoed.

There it finally is! The ELLE Magazine app. Of course we, Babette and Siti, were already a member of ELLE Magazine and following ELLE on all the social media sources, but now you have your ELLE Magazine always with you! Easy as it is, just on your iPhone.

The ELLE app, is a lifestyle app for your tablet and smartphone. In this app, you can find information about the latest fashion trends, celebrity news, fashion accessories, lifestyle stuff and many more.

The company behind the app is ELLE Magazine NL. The developer of the app is: Hearst Magazines Netherlands B.V. For every country that has its own ELLE Magazine, there is a specific country application and social media account. The starting date for the application in The Netherlands was the 14th of January 2014. The number of people that they have reached on social media since the launch of the app is: Facebook 165.456 likes, Twitter: 39.600 followers and Instagram: 10.385 followers.

About the app
When you start the application, the first thing you see is the front page of the app, as you can see in the first image below. On the top left of the page you can find a button to see the different categories in the menu (see second picture): fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health, actions, horoscopes, shop, wedding, food, living, now in ELLE and subscribe. When you click on the category “shop” in the menu, a list of categories pops up: style bible, accessories, pants, jackets, dresses, shoes, bags, skirts, tops and jewelry. When you click on one of these categories, you get a list of about 30 images in the selected category, shown in the third image. According to Elle these are the ‘must haves’ for this period. When you click on a product, you will be directly diverted to the webshop of that brand. Here you can buy the products directly. At the top of your screen, on the left side, there is a button which says ‘Done’. When you bought the item in the webshop or you’re done looking, you click on the ‘Done’ button and you will be send back to the ELLE app. Every item in this ‘shop menu’ can be from a different brand. The price range of these articles range from low to high (0-10.000 for example). So you can find products to shop in every price range.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 3.32.03 PM

ELLE is a big and influential magazine in the fashion world, the most popular fashion magazine of 2014 (source) and according to the magazine itself the worlds biggest fashion magazine (source). If you look at the number of followers on Facebook (165.482) in comparison with GLAMOUR, which is the second most popular fashion magazine (66.051) we conclude that the ELLE app has a big impact.

Because of the use of a white background with simple black letters in caption, and because of the clear pictures that are outlined on the left of the page or in the middle, we think the visual style of the app is clear. The brightness of the images depends per image. Some are very colorful and some are Black & White. The type of consumers of ELLE are woman between the age of 20 and 39, are highly educated and are interested in Fashion, Culture, Beauty and Lifestyle. She buys ELLE for the appearance AND for the content (source).

In our opinion
What is a plus for this app is that the ELLE app contains no ads. Which is nice for the viewer in our opinion, because all the ads you find on other apps and websites are taking so much space and we’re experiencing this as enjoying. What we also like about this app is that it is very clear and easy to use. Through the list of categories in the menu you can go from topic to topic very easily. Also because the link of the website or app where you can buy the product in the shop is there, it’s very easy to buy products or just look at the details and go back to the ELLE app again. We like the short, funny and informational pieces about the celebrities, new fashion items and designers.

If you want to know what is hot and happening now in the field, this is the perfect app. Overall we give the ELLE app a 9 and recommend it to everyone who wants to know or who wants to keep up to date to all the insides of the fashion world!