Dior Eyes

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Get a glimpse of what is going on backstage at a Dior fashion show with the new Dior Eyes.


Photo: http://www.3ders.org/

Photo: http://www.3ders.org/

What is it?
With the Dior Eyes clients can now experience a fashion show from backstage with the use of a virtual reality headset. They will be able to enter the intense world of Dior make-up artists as if they were right there.

Where spotted?

How does it work?
When you put on the headset, you will be able to see all that is going at a Dior show backstage. The headset features a smartphone with a VR app that is capable of 360° sound and video. It has high quality speakers and two lenses that transfers the images from the screen to the viewer. Unfortunately, the Dior Eyes are not available for usage at home. However, they will be demonstrated at several Dior boutiques around the world.

What is its core value?
“..To create a genuinely thrilling experience that would give Dior clients the physical sensation of living the Dior show backstage.”

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