Connecting the dots: online shopping and browsing in-store

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After Bruna, Libris en Blz. now also offers the possibility to browse online in-store by using on their internet terminals. Newly added is the option to also pay via these terminals.


Internet terminal @Libris (source:

What is it?
Libris & Blz. now offer the option to search through and buy from its online catalog when standing in store.  Other stores, such as Bruna, WE and Score, already offer the option to browse in-store through the catalog, but not to actually complete a payment. By offering this new service, Libris & Blz. hope to better satisfy customers’ needs as they have more books to choose from; the in-store assortment grows from 10.000 to 100.000 books.

Where spotted? 

How does it work?
Shoppers can scroll through the online content using a flat screen. Payments can be performed as one would normally pay in-store. The developers Clicks in Bricks, responsible for both the internet terminal and the webshop, have developed a specific system where customers can use their pincard rather than iDEAL (an online paying system usually used in webshops). After placing an order, the book will be delivererd the next day.

What is its core value?
Offering customers a bigger assortment.

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